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The BLUE Route

Elandsbaai is also called E-Bay by the many surfers who take to the waves in this bay. It has become a haven for kitesurfers and surfers alike.
This is also the area where we find the important set of caves where many artefacts were found that shows evidence of people living here about 4400 to 3000 years ago. Elands Bay Cave is perceived of more importance, as it covers a wider time span and includes the largest sample sizes. This cave is of particular significance, as it illustrates how people became more skillful with fire, thus showing evidence of a cultural evolution where man used hearths to warm themselves and to serve as light. The cave also shows how seafood was first consumed. A drainage system has gone through the Elands Bay Caves, now known as Verlorenvlei.
There are also a number of examples of Rock paintings spanning various eras.

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