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Travelling through a Lockdown

How many times have we heard those words: "If it were not for Covid..." even from those who did not have any clear plans for the year? Those ancient days when pivoting meant to turn quickly on your heel to run in a different direction? Who would have thought to pivot one's career would take on such broad meaning. These days if you haven't yet "pivoted" then you're probably not affected too much by the different levels of lockdown we had here in South Africa. Or maybe you're just as stubborn as I am?

In a sense we all have pivoted though. Even if it may not be as obvious to everyone else. Sleeping until 10 am where previously you laid awake until 10 am is a huge difference. Who hasn't got au fait with online meetings and webinars these days? Of course there are those who haven't figured out the "mute button" yet, but we make allowances for that special tribe don't we? Then are those amazing human beings who can make a full set of lounge furniture with three scraps of wood and a sweet wrapper, all while composing a doctoral thesis of 10 000 words in half a morning.

Many of us have really just tried doing the same thing but from a different angle. Tourist guides are probably the best suited to doing just that. I've met those who have gone into radio presenting and others into sales. There's even someone doing podcasts of motivational talks and transcribing travel books. Some of us have tried to establish new routes to develop the industry offering. My favourite gin supplier went into making supplies of hand sanitiser. We all know that hand sanitiser has to be 70% alcohol and higher to be effective. Imagine one could drink these things and cleanse from the inside?!

Food security will probably be the next issue to beset us, and already there are people growing their own food gardens. How I wish the world could do this and distribute to those who are less fortunate. We can dream.

Who knows what will happen next? Life is always the same that it has ever been. Nobody can predict the future. We can but plan for the future and hope for the best. We need to stay productive in whatever it is that we are doing. Is it Mark Twain who said we should "throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails"? Well now is the time to do that. Living life with a safety net is not an option these days. We have to set our course and navigate the hard times while keeping our eye on our goals...

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